Accounts Receivable Management

Nile Healthcare’s Accounts Receivable follow-up process is well monitored and is very proactive in
collecting due payments. We categorize all the claims in the system that haven’t been closed by age and
insurance. This makes our follow-up process impeccably effective. We initiate calls for any claim that is
over 31 days older. Our turn-around time is one of the best in the business because of our active
approach to finding the source of the pending claim problem.

Paper submissions are necessary because claims that are not yet on file need to be resubmitted before
the filing limit is reached. We make it a priority to ensure paper submissions by following up diligently.
Weekly review and analysis of A/R report dividing work by priority. We document all the prior
interactions with payors to make the follow-up process quick and effective. We gather all the relevant
information from our clients and make daily reports of the findings. Our reports also include suggested
courses of action for clients.