Which is the best fee structure for the old AR clean-up?

Does your practice have collections that are tied up in old AR? If yes, a billing company can help you recover the amount without disrupting your current billing procedure. Such companies have a team of skilled billers and coders who are experts at capturing funds tied up in the 60+ day AR. They are experienced […]

The 5 most common medical coding and billing mistakes that cause claim denials are

1. Coding is not specific enough. Each diagnosis must be coded to the highest level for that code (the maximum number of digits for the code being used). For example, in ICD-9, essential hypertension was coded using 401.0 (malignant), 401.1 (benign), or 401.9 (unspecified). In ICD-10 however, the code is I10. Essential (primary) hypertension in […]

Top 5 Challenges for Physician Billing Services in 2021

2020 has been a year of crisis in terms of healthcare, economy, and regulatory changes. The world has faced every possible trouble including the most destructive COVID-19 pandemic situation which has influenced the global economy. But it seems that the situation might worsen in the upcoming time and 2021 can be more challenging for businesses. […]